Reinventing Rdio

Image representing Rdio as depicted in CrunchBase

There’s been a lot of news about Rdio lately. Until recently, Rdio was a streaming platform that focused on providing an on-demand library of songs to suit users who like to choose what they want to hear, build playlists, etc.. Kind of like Spotify, except Rdio is a little more aggressive about their subscription model, giving users the chance to use the service free for only a limited time, with various subscriptions available after that.

In August, Rdio announced that they were adding personalized “radio” stations to their offerings, based on the user’s music selections, using “taste profiling” technology from The Echo Nest. This approach enabled Rdio to offer a more “Pandora” like experience to listeners. They began by offering that service, called You FM, free on the web, but just recently announced that it will be available free on mobile devices as well.

They’ve also just announced that their on-demand service is available at half off for college students. Are you confused yet? Wait, there’s more.

Big Radio Broadcaster Cumulus recently announced that they have taken a financial stake in Rdio and will sell all of their advertising. Which will run on the personalized station streams. Now, the actual terms of the deal were not announced, and I’ve heard that no money has changed hands, but apparently Cumulus will own the ad inventory on Rdio’s web based streams – plans are for mobile to remain ad-free. In exchange, Rdio will get access to Cumulus programming, and promotion on its broadcast stations, as well as a network of ad sellers. It’s an innovative deal for both Rdio and Cumulus – Rdio gets a partner that will boost its business prospects, and Cumulus gets a plug and play digital option for its customers, with very little risk.

May they thrive…

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