This American Life, 24 Hours a Day

NPR and its affiliates have always been leaders in digital distribution of programming, innovating new ways to grow audience with streaming and podcasts. An incredible ONE THIRD of the total audience for This American Life, produced by Chicago Public Radio, listens online – either streaming or downloading the show. Now the producers of the show are creating an always on streaming channel of This American Life programs. Launching it on TuneIn Radio, the new feature will include new episodes, as well as selections from the show’s archive of more than 500 hours, streaming around the clock.

“Who left the story faucet on? We did. On purpose.” says Seth Lind, director of operations for This American Life. “We’re excited to offer this easy new way to get the show, particularly past episodes people might have never stumbled upon.”

This is an interesting approach – one that doesn’t cost much, given that it’s simply streaming existing programming. And while the listener doesn’t have much choice in selecting the specific show, the programming is presented in a format that is a lot more of a “lean-back” experience than that of listening to a podcast. My hunch is that it’s a smart move – offering some of the most downloaded programming in an online format that is easy to access. They’ll probably find a much wider audience.

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