comScore: Podcast Ads Are Compelling

New data from comScore says that people listen, like and act on ads in podcasts more than ads in any other digital media. As highlighted in Audio4cast a few weeks back – podcasting has taken a native ads approach that is reinventing audio advertising by integrating the ads into the program and creating a live-read, endorsement feel to the ads that is both memorable and inspiring to the consumer.

comScore Wondery

The new comScore study was commissioned by Wondery and also tells us that two-thirds of the respondents have acted on an ad by researching a product or making a purchase. Not surprising – ads in podcasts are remarkably compelling. Like the ad for Eero, “the world’s most innovative wifi system” in this episode of 99% Invisible. Roman Mars chats the product up at the beginning, “I love these little things, unreliable wifi has been my nemesis.” and “My whole family is happy I’m not stomping around the house…muttering about not being able to watch Netflix.”  He’s even tweeted about the product to his 60k followers:

What’s more compelling than that? The comScore/Wondery study adds strength to the concept that podcasts, and podcast advertising, are creating valuable opportunities for advertisers to connect with listeners with messaging that is innovative, integrated and impactful.

There’s an incredible dedication to crafting great content in podcasting, and it extends to the ads as well. It’s a holistic approach that makes the advertiser part of the program rather than an interruption to be tolerated. The end result – satisfied listeners who listen to, like and react to ads, translating to happy advertisers. That’s the secret sauce driving the energy and success in the podcast space..

This week I have been listening to – you guessed it – 99% Invisible. Still loving my Overcast app..


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