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What’s Your Podcast Strategy?

When it comes to building a community to support your business, Another Mother Runner gets it done. AMR is an online business that targets moms that run – providing a community and connecting with their audience through a daily newsletter, facebook page, books, podcasts and more. When it comes to connecting with new members of their community and growing their brand, their podcast strategy is critical. Sarah Bowen Shea and her partner Dimity McDowell have been podcasting since 2011, which makes them trailblazers of the audio variety (as well as being actual trailblazers!) Their most recent weekly podcast was their 221st.

They credit their podcast, which is hosted by Acast, and available on iTunes and Stitcher as well, as one of the most effective ways to get new audience. “I think a lot of brands don’t realize the power of the podcast.” says Bowen Shea. She says the podcast helps them grow and strengthen their community, while at the same time entertaining women as they run. Get that? The goal of their podcast is to grow their community.

Their formula for success is to offer lots of ways for running moms to connect – through the online store, books about running and being a mom, podcasts, the Train Like a Mother club, and on-site appearances at races. It’s working. Their facebook page has 59,000 likes, and their daily newsletter goes out to 13,500 subscribers. Their podcasts get 80-95,000 listens a month. One of their newest brand extensions is to offer archived podcast content behind a paywall through Acast+ for $2.99 a month – an option available through Acast that Bowen Shea says they are really excited about.

AMR’s approach to advertising is as holistic as their approach to their content. Another Mother Runner has about a dozen corporate sponsors, who are visible on the site, and have native ads in the podcasts as well. It’s a highly integrated approach to sponsorship that no doubt creates lots of value for the advertiser.

In the end, Another Mother Runner’s podcast strategy is one to admire because it’s not content for content’s sake – it’s a way to stay connected with their community and grow their brand. And yes, it helps that runners have lots of time on the road when they’re looking for company and something engaging to listen to. AMR’s podcasts keep them company. And, as they promise, they keep talking on the uphill…

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