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Gold Medal Podcasts About The Olympics

The Olympics have a way of cutting through the summertime haze and grabbing our attention like few other things. With so many events and talented athletes, the Olympics provide a lot of great interesting content for podcasts as well. For the first time in weeks, winners like Michael Phelps and Simone Biles are at the top of our mind, replacing the negative day to day updates on Trump and Clinton with positive reports about talented athletes performing at the top of their games. The Internet is crazy about the games – NBC has livestreamed more than one billion minutes of the games so far. Everyone’s talking about them on facebook and twitter too.

Which is why it’s surprising that there are not more podcasts about all the amazing things happening in Rio. There are a few, and some are pretty good:

  • Sports Illustrated’s At The Games – this daily podcast features hosts Mitch Goldich and Alex Abnos chatting through a recap of each day at the games. It’s chatty and interesting, and despite not being at the games, these guys cover a lot of what’s going on – with perhaps a little tmi on rugby, and occasional interviews.
  • USA Today’s Going For Gold – Rachel Axon and Nancy Armour of USA Today Sports are on site in Rio. This podcast is produced every few days, and offers highlights from the games.
  • Yahoo Sports Grandstanding – Is a regular twice weekly podcast that has been all about Olympics since the games opened. It’s hosted by Greg Wyshynski, who is in Rio, and it’s pretty interesting.

It seems to me that there should be more, given all the great content there is to talk about. In particular, I would think some radio stations could muster the talent necessary to produce some pretty good updates for their listeners. Perhaps it’s the short term of the Olympics, but producing recaps like this in podcast form is a great way to expand digital offerings, grow audience, and look for new sponsors. You might even call it a gold medal opportunity…

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