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Teens Prefer YouTube For Streaming Music

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When my daughter, who is 17, wants to hear a song, she doesn’t turn to radio. Nor does she go to Spotify or Pandora. YouTube is her on-demand streaming service. A new study out from Nielsen says she is not alone. More teens listen to music on YouTube (64%) than radio (56%), iTunes (53%) and CD (50%).

Radio is still the primary machine for music discovery across all ages, but it looks like this study does not try to restrict the definition of “radio” to AM/FM.

The new Nielsen report offers insights on all aspects of music consumption including listening and purchasing behaviors; music discovery; live events; the use of social networking and mobile music apps; as well as how the economy is affecting music sales.

“The accessibility of music has seen tremendous expansion and diversification,” said David Bakula, SVP Client Development, Nielsen.   “While younger listeners opt for technologically advanced methods , traditional methods of discovery like radio and word-of-mouth continue to be strong drivers.  With so many ways to purchase, consume and discover great new music, it’s no wonder that the consumer continues to access and enjoy music in greater numbers.”

One of the takeaways of this study is that radio is a music discovery machine — curated programs and personalized streams work well for helping people find new music. But once they find it, they are inclined — especially teens – to turn to YouTube where they can WATCH it. When it comes to on-demand streaming, YouTube is (still) the elephant in the room…

Looking Good: Internet Radio’s Next Challenge

Smartphones and other Internet radio devices have increased Internet radio’s mobility and moved Internet radio into much closer competition with broadcast radio, according to a briefing of the Station Resource Group. Wireless Internet radio will not completely replace broadcast radio, however it will continue to expand.

Handheld devices are becoming a popular mobile Internet radio listening device, and although easy listening is complicated by the need for specialized applications per station or service and device operating system, that will likely change with updates to browsers and technology. New interest and developments are heating up for connected automotive devices, which will grow listening to Internet radio as well. However the study notes that these in-car listening stations will also offer AM/FM receivers and won’t replace broadcast technology in cars.

An important aspect of radio’s new delivery systems is the screen that many devices have that can deliver graphical displays and even video. So as not to be considered deficient on these devices, broadcasters must develop alliances and strategies for offering visual content compatible with their audio content.  

It’s an interesting briefing that acknowledges the increasing impact the Internet radio is having on broadcast radio stations. There’s wisdom in the recommendations that radio begin to identify itself as a visual medium and develop visual content solutions that can entice listeners. This video by Slate Magazine gives an overview of some Internet radio stations’ visual approaches and also made me think a little more about videos as well…

YouTube Flexes Its Music Muscle

Music recommendation services are hot – just take a look at Pandora’s exponential growth as evidence of that. Now YouTube has launched a revamped music page that showcases the most viewed music videos and managed playlists, and gives people the ability to create on-the-fly mixes.

A new Musicians Wanted feature also gives unsigned artists a channel for getting exposure for their music, and listeners to discover them.

The revamped YouTube music also lets listeners/viewers pick a genre and go – building an instant playlist for them. Presumably, YouTube will be mixing in songs by new musicians, popular artists, up and coming acts, all based on the enormous amount of listening data they have.

YouTube already has lots of traffic as a music discovery site – people know they can turn to YouTube to hear (and see) just about any song and/or artist.

YouTube’s vast offerings of music put it in the music game both as a source for on-demand listening as well as a jukebox. This update is a plan to make it easier for people to access those offerings and create a personalized listening experience. With video for those who want it…

Emmis NY’s New Video Show is Hot

Emmis NY’s Hot 97 is working with online video platform Gen2Media to produce an innovative reality video series airs on its website and the website. The docu-series, called The Wizards NYC, features “disc jockeys as the “wizards” behind the booth setting the rules and tone of the night, controlling the crowd through the power of their hands.” It’s meant to “explore the world they truly live in; a world filled with glitz, glamour and more grinding — where anything can happen.”

Gen2Media partnered with Emmis NY to premiere the show, with their production team working directly with long time MTV producers Pamela Gimenez and Serife Turhan, the creators of the show. The first episode aired to viewers online at legendary hip hop artist 50 Cent’s website and Emmis’ Hot 97 site on Wednesday, February 24th.

“A huge audience tuned in to the radio station’s website [and] 50 Cent’s website at 8PM in the evening to watch The Wizards NYC reality show. It is truly groundbreaking, and a win-win for both the audience and advertisers,” notes Benjamin Finley, VP, Branded Entertainment, Emmis Communications Corporation.”

Plans to monetize include integrating advertisers into upcoming shows, with in-Stream Video Advertising, Pre-Mid-Post Rolls, and a Skinned player around the programming. Sponsor messaging carries through to partner sites such as iconic Rap Artist 50 Cent’s website, according to Mary Spio, Co-Founder and President of Gen2Media.

This is a great way for stations to utilize their online platform to extend their brand into video. It’s obviously a big opportunity for the station to connect with their audience, and offer that opportunity to sponsors as well.

Study Shows Podcast Consumers Are Unique

The Association for Downloadable Media has released a study on Consumer Attitudes toward Podcast Advertising. Podcast consumers indicated that they listen to audio podcasts weekly and subscribe to several podcasts each week.

The ability to listen to the content whenever and wherever they want is important to them. These particular consumers also indicate a pretty low frequency of other mainstream media usage. Edison Research’s Tom Webster translates that to mean “A podcast advertising buy is not a redundant media buy for advertisers and marketers. These are attractive, affluent consumers that mass media is losing.”

They own mobile phones that can play audio files, and they listen on their phones.  9 out of 10 podcast consumers prefer advertising within the content to the idea of paying for their content through a subscription fee. However, when asked how they feel about those advertisements, only 2% said they liked them and found them useful. The majority either liked or didn’t like them and occasionally found them useful. They were more positive about sponsorship messages, 72% were either interested in them or didn’t mind them and occasionally found them useful; and 82% reacted that way to sponsorship mentions by program hosts.

A nice majority of podcast consumers indicated that they had taken action after hearing or seeing advertising in audio or video content, with 71% of respondents visiting a web site after hearing a message. Of course, this is not the response rate to any advertising, since these are behaviors that podcast consumers indicate they have ever done, not responses to every ad.

It’s an interesting study that could prove helpful in building value for advertising in podcast platforms. I have begun to wonder about the long term viability of podcasting as a mass appeal platform, as the content that I used to download onto my ipod is now available for on-demand streaming, so I no longer need to subscribe, download and transfer to my portable device. An approach that highlights the podcast population as an appealing group of consumers who are difficult to reach in other ways makes sense, and that’s what this study provides.

Music Video Site Vevo Launches

Vevo, the music video site powered by Youtube launches today. The site will feature videos from three of the four major record labels – Sony, Universal and EMI. Warner Music Group is the only one not working with Vevo, although they are working with YouTube.

Professionally produced music videos are the most popular content viewed on YouTube. Now Vevo will offer music fans music video content, along with an online music store offering music downloads, merchandise created by artists, concert tickets and more. In the future a music video subscription service, offering both short videos as well as streamed concerts is likely to be added.

Vevo has announced a pre-launch partnership with CBS Interactive and will offer extensive music programming from the vaults of the CBS Interactive Music Group’s properties including and more than 90 CBS RADIO music stations beginning next year. “ and CBS RADIO’s stations are producing a tremendous amount of unique video content every day – from long form concerts such as the “Live on Letterman” webcast series and annual special events, to acoustic performances and one on one interviews,” says David Goodman, President of CBS Interactive Music Group. “We’re excited to be part of the next generation of music video services, and look forward to all the benefits that go along with Vevo’s massive audience and reach including increased awareness of our efforts in this space to new revenue generating opportunities.”

The combination of high quality video along with lyrics and access to lots of information on favorite artists is expected to appeal to advertisers and command top dollars. The site will launch with partnerships with AT&T, McDonalds and Mastercard.

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