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New Data Shows Targeting Is Critical For Internet Radio Ad Campaigns

Triton Digital has reported, via Inside Radio, that on average about half (51%) of a streaming broadcast station’s audience is outside its Designated Market Area (DMA). In fact, according to Triton COO Mike Agovino, quoted in the article, the larger the market, the higher the percentage of out of market listening. He says a lot of the out of DMA listening is from nearby markets, such as listening in Connecticut to New York stations’ streams. 

The problem is, few stations are separating their in-market versus out-market audiences when they are selling to advertisers or when they are counting up delivered impressions. In fact, most national streaming ad campaigns are targeted geographically based on choosing call letters in the markets that the advertiser wants to target, according to the article in Inside Radio, which checked in with Eyal Goldwerger, CEO of Targetspot and Brian Benedik, president of Katz360. If national advertisers are buying streaming ads on broadcast stations and believe they’re geotargeting by doing so, that’s a problem, since this new info from Triton reports that only half the people who hear the ads are in that market.

Since online stations like Pandora and Slacker are registering their listeners, they have actual impression by impression geotargetability. Advertisers that are measuring the results of their campaigns are going to see an improved return by those stations and that will drive the price up for them. Broadcasters that stream and fail to improve their targeting capabilities will see the opposite.

The reality is that targeted ads are good for the station, the listener and the advertiser. Listener registration lies at the center of ad targeting capabilities. Pandora, Slacker, CBSRADIO, iHeartRadio, and others have been registering their listeners for a long time because they understand that the game has changed and targetability is essential to an ad based streaming audio ad model.

Targetspot’s Study: Excellent Data on Impact of Internet Radio Ads

Adding Internet radio to the media mix increases the overall effectiveness of an advertising campaign, according to new research presented during the RAIN Summit in Las Vegas last week by Targetspot CEO Eyal Goldwerger. TargetSpot research found a 3.5X higher ad response rate when adding Internet Radio to a Broadcast Radio campaign, and a 2X higher ad response rate when adding Internet Radio to an online campaign.

Targetspot’s research was done by third party Parks Associates and represents the first in-depth independent study on the effectiveness of Internet radio advertising. Goldwerger unveiled the whitepaper based on the results, entitled “Internet Radio Advertising Impact”, to record attendance at the RAIN event during NAB Show Week.

It’s a deep meaty piece of research that provides excellent validation of the effectiveness of Internet radio advertising. Highlights:

  • Users who listen to Internet Radio are twice as likely as Internet-only users to respond to an Online ad.
  • The use of Internet radio in an ad campaign can increase ad recall by as much as 2.3%.
  • Broadcast Radio ad recall and response rates significantly increase (3.5%) when combined with Internet Radio use.
  • Consumers are more likely to take action on a broadcast ad if they also listen to Internet radio.
  • In many cases, Internet radio ads combined with broadcast radio ads result in more than twice the ad campaign recall.
I am thrilled with this new piece of research. It’s a much needed and excellent contribution to the Internet radio marketplace that will no doubt benefit their network of stations as well as the overall Internet radio marketplace. Hats off to Targetspot not just for funding it, but also for releasing the data publicly at the RAIN Summit and on their website. It’s an impressive commitment to the space that should be recognized by everyone in the industry.
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