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UK Companies Pair Up To Give Listeners What They Want

An occasional complaint about online music services is the lack of live news and information. Two British radio companies, one a broadcasting stalwart and the other an online startup, have joined forces to offer a digital, on-demand entertainment service combined with real-time, integrated breaking news.

GMG Radio will deliver regular audio bulletins to the music streaming website We7. The audio news content will be produced by GMG’s Real Radio news service.

GMG Radio’s Chief Executive Stuart Taylor said: “Our news teams are recognised across the industry for making great content. Working with We7 means that we can continue to grow that reputation and deliver it on other important platforms. A collaborative approach is mutually beneficial and, in the growing digital ecology, we need to be trying new things.”

we7 is a UK based Music On-Demand music streaming service and integrated download store founded in 2007 by, among others, Peter Gabriel (the musician). GMG Radio is owned by Guardian Music Group, the third largest radio group in the United Kingdom.

I love the idea of this partnership. Take one top broadcaster with an excellent reputation and ability to deliver news content and combine that with an on-demand service that gives listeners more choice, interactivity and options. Seems like a recipe for growing an audience…

British Radio Groups See Digital Future

brit flagIn the category of what-a-great-idea comes this: in England, the BBC (non-commercial radio) and commercial radio will join forces to set up the Radio Council, to focus specifically on radio’s digital future. Representatives will include the BBC as well as England’s three largest radio groups – Global Radio, GMG Radio, and Bauer Media, along with RadioCentre, a trade group that will represent all other commercial radio entities.

Reportedly, the new group will work to establish are a shared online live radio player, portal and a range of exclusive content to help boost struggling digital audio broadcasting (DAB) stations. The group will focus on digital radio in the forms of DAB and online, and will focus on devices, platforms and marketing to bring radio closer to a digital switchover.

There are lots of reasons behind this move that basically boil down to a growing concern that if radio does not move more quickly to digital platforms it will be left behind in the digital age. Andrew Harrison, the RadioCentre chief executive, said “This exciting new initiative kick-starts our collective approach to ensuring radio is at the heart of Digital Britain.”

A unified group focused on supporting digital development for radio. With the support of traditional broadcast groups and trade associations, it sure sounds like they mean business…

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