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Now Adele Is Snubbing Spotify

Last week the world belonged to Adele, who won award after award at the Grammys. But you can’t hear 21, her award winning album, on Spotify. Adele’s pulled her music from the service.


Joining Coldplay, Paul McCartney and a few others, Adele – most likely with the encouragement of her record label, is boycotting Spotify, pulling her new album 21 from the service. This move is becoming more popular by artists looking to maximize sales of their new or newly award winning albums. There’s a growing opinion that giving listeners access to their new music on a service like Spotify, where listeners can select the song they want to hear whenever and as often as they would like, will hurt album sales, either digital or physical.


Apparently, Adele’s management was willing to license 21 to Spotify for premium, subscription paying listeners only, but this option was declined by Spotify. It’s not hard to understand why they declined it, as it could easily have a snowball effect on other artists.


There is a concerted effort by a growing list of popular artists to control the access that listeners have to their new music. Most of the recent moves have concentrated on limiting the kind of free, on-demand access that Spotify offers, although recently Paul McCartney reportedly blanked all streaming of his newly released album.


Note: Although there are multiple reports that Adele’s 21 is not available on Spotify, I do have access this morning to a “sampler” version of 21 in my Spotify library. I’m not sure if this is a new development, or a function of the fact that I have had it in my library for a while..


It’s February and Internet Radio is All Over It

Ah February, the month that celebrates groundhogs, lovers, the Grammy Awards, and Black History. Several Internet radio stations offer stations or channels to help get you in the mood.

On Pandora’s Grammy station, listeners can hear a stream of all the nominees and click to buy their favorite tracks. The channel is presented by Pandora and The Recording Academy, which is the organization that actually presents the awards. Said Tim Westergren, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Pandora, “Like the GRAMMY Awards, Pandora internet radio is about celebrating new musicians as well as honoring well-known ones. Our mission is to give people music they love and help musicians find a wider audience of listeners. A special-edition station, like this GRAMMY station, adds yet another way for listeners to enjoy and discover great music from a wide range of styles.”

Valentines Day offerings are popular this month as well. AccuRadio’s offering – Love Songs Radio – is a favorite with listeners and advertisers, according to station Founder Kurt Hanson, who says the seasonal channel is second only to their Christmas channels in terms of popular holiday themes.

I looked around for a specially programmed Groundhog day channel and couldn’t find one – probably too cute to have one that plays the same songs over and over…

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