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Study: Independent Broadcasters Lag Behind With New Technologies

When it comes to introducing new technological features that could increase revenue as part of their media offerings, broadcast groups that own more than one station are  moving much more quickly than stand-alone stations. Group owned stations are better able to finance the deployment of new features – in fact at about twice the rate of independently owned stations.

That’s bound to impact the rate at which the two groups – group owned and independent stations – will be able to grow revenue. Group owned stations are much more likely to have video on their website, mobile listening apps, multiple channel streaming and even broadcasting in HD, according to a new “Progress Report” on Revenue Generating Radio Technologies sponsored by Wheatstone Engineering.

Study by Alethea Research

The study surveyed technical radio professionals – radio engineers, operations managers, etc. and attempted to gauge how fast new technologies are being adopted by radio professionals. The survey was sent to the email list of two industry publications that are likely to be read by tech folks. While the results are interesting, I weighed in earlier and pointed out to Josh Gordon of Alethea Research that it looked like he was hearing from more of the technologically savvy folks.  For example, this study finds that between 20% (AM) and 37% (FM) of stations are broadcasting in HD, but according to Arbitron’s Radio Today report just 4% (AM) and 10% (FM) of stations are.

When respondents were asked to pick the one new technology that they thought would make  money for their station before all others they chose streaming their signal over the Internet over a list of others.

Study by Alethea Research

It’s an interesting assessment of broadcasters’ attitudes toward new media. There’s obviously an opportunity for vendors who can figure out a way to make it affordable for independent stations to implement some of these new technologies..

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