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RadioTime’s Cool New iPhone App

Finding and listening to all that Internet radio has to offer on your iPhone just got easier with the new iPhone app Spark Radio. Spark Radio is a premier radio app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch that features cool animations and more than 10,000 global station choices.

Spark Radio was built by Handcast Media and uses the RadioTime portal to provide access to more than 10,000 streaming stations worldwide. Listeners can search and stream what they want, whether it be music, talk radio, sports events, public radio or special programming from around the world. An elegant interface and program guide make it easy for users to quickly find their favorite stations by searching for stations or programs by keyword, location or the station URL and can browse programming by genre or location.

“The Spark Radio app is a beautiful and fun radio application that opens the world’s selection of music programming that only radio can provide,” said Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime, Inc. “RadioTime makes it easy for Spark Radio users to find their favorite radio stations and discover new ones from wherever they are.”

Especially innovative are features such as a GPS component that allows listeners to find local stations in any given city based on current GPS coordinates; and the interactive social media features. Users can create a profile and see what other users are listening to using a Globe Navigator. They can share and discover stations, rate them and see who else is listening to the station they are streaming.

The app also enables multi-tasking on the iPhone while listening, a feature that is somewhat unique among iPhone streaming apps.

Handcast Media Labs is located in Minneapolis and is dedicated, according to their website, to creating the best interactive graphics applications for iPhone.

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