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Pandora Is Giving Agencies What They Want

The most recent ratings related press release from Pandora arrived this week, touting that “National audience metrics for June 2012 show that among the adult 18-49 demographic (demo), Pandora has a weekly cume of 25,333,249” – up 6% from March Webcast Metrics audience data. But here’s the big news, straight from the announcement:

The June 2012 Triton Webcast Metrics ratings rank Pandora as the largest adult 18-49 radio network in the U.S. when compared to radio networks in the Arbitron June 2012 RADAR 113 report.”

Pandora now provides monthly AQH and Cume ratings in three key demos in the top ten markets, something which has gone a long way in helping them gain favor with ad agencies. Pandora Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble said, ” These metrics are helping the radio advertising industry make informed buying decisions between terrestrial and internet radio.”

silver platter

You got that right. Starcom Executive Vice President of Local Activation Kevin Gallagher said, “It’s no secret that an increasing amount of audio is consumed online. With Triton Webcast Metrics ratings, we will be able to compare, as well as combine, audience delivery within the entire audio ecosystem. It’s important to provide advertisers with a holistic view of the entire radio audience to help them understand the internet radio opportunity and value proposition.”

It’s what the agencies want, numbers that make it easy to compare, analyze and make informed buying decisions. Pandora’s offering it on a silver platter and the agencies are eating it up..




Toyota Launches a Big Campaign On Pandora

Pandora’s multi year expansive ad deal with Toyota sure sounds like a big deal. Called the “Legends and Icons” campaign, it pairs various Toyota cars with music genres and artists on Pandora. It will be the largest campaign in scope and span to ever run across all of the Pandora Internet radio advertising platforms and will feature exclusive content from an expansive roster of internationally acclaimed and award-winning musicians.

The campaign launched last week and runs through early 2013. It’s expansive in scope – each month will pair a Toyota vehicle with a demo and a genre station on Pandora. For example, this month the target demographic is Adults 18-49 and the genre station is Top 40. The campaign will be featured across multiple Pandora Internet radio platforms, including the web, mobile, iPad, as well as video and curated mixtape stations created by the artists themselves that include never-before-heard audio content.

It’s a deal that grew out of an earlier deal that put Pandora’s Internet radio in Toyota cars via their Entune multimedia system. That deal was announced in January at CES. “We have enjoyed working with Toyota on an innovative approach to connecting with drivers by leveraging their passion for music,” said John Trimble, Pandora Chief Revenue Officer.

“Pandora shares the same innovative and creative spirit as Toyota, making it the ideal partner for this enduring, multi-platform campaign.”said Kim Kyaw, senior media strategist for Toyota.

This deal puts emphasis on the relatively new Pandora genre channels, which are pre-programmed rather than personalized streams. This is a direction that Pandora is going to need to head in as they make their way onto more and more automotive devices, where the ability of the listener to interact with the platform while driving is limited.

Given the addition of Pandora to new Toyota vehicles, Toyota probably got a pretty good deal on this ad campaign…

Pandora’s iPad Ad Platform A Hit With Some Advertisers

Pandora launched their iPad application the same weekend that Apple began selling the popular devices. After watching their mobile audience and popularity explode via their iPhone app, they didn’t need any convincing that Apple’s app store is a great place to pick up listeners. Pandora has 30 million mobile users and says that 70% of persons who have downloaded a smartphone app have downloaded theirs.

Now they’re highlighting the first ad campaigns on the new devices. Starbucks, Lexus and Budweiser are the first brands on the new Pandora iPad advertising platform with campaigns that “make the most of one or more of the rich video, audio and interactive capabilities of the iPad.”

John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer of Pandora, said, “Our debut advertisers have gone all out with eye-popping creative that really works in the anything-can-be-done world of the iPad.”

“As the exclusive automotive partner for the Pandora iPad application, we look forward to showcasing our new brand commercial to this audience of early adopters,” states Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus. The Lexus video spot shows a vehicle revving up to the point that it breaks a champagne glass:

All three brands, Lexus, Starbucks and Budweiser have designed interactive campaigns with video elements that open up a new page but don’t interrupt the music. The iPad offers a richer media experience. They’re hoping to improve on Pandora’s already impressive 3.4% click-through rate.

I’m thinking it was a pretty smart move by these advertisers to take the lead on Pandora’s iPad ad platform. The magic of the device makes people want to pick it up and play with it, so creating ad campaigns that allow them to do just that can only be a good thing for Bud, Lexus and Starbucks…

Another Banner Idea From Pandora

Pandora has partnered with AdReady, a display ad platform that allows partners to build display ads for new advertisers using ready made templates, and then serve, target and optimize those banners on the AdReady platform. This opens up a new basket of revenue for the ever innovative Pandora.

“As we grow our user base, it makes sense to identify ways to scale our business and provide access for every size advertiser, from the biggest brands to the specialty and neighborhood shops who want to get their marketing messages out to their best prospects,” said John Trimble, chief revenue officer for Pandora. “Now we are able to offer broader, multi-platform marketing solutions with deep targeting and campaign optimization to businesses that previously didn’t have an affordable advertising solution.”

By partnering with AdReady, a pioneering technology company that makes display advertising accessible to advertisers of any size, Pandora’s new sales team will be able to develop creative assets, traffic and manage campaigns for clients that it previously could not cost effectively service. Now marketers of all sizes such as bands, summer festivals, and local colleges, will be able to leverage the effectiveness and reach of targeted display ad campaigns across Pandora’s growing audience.

“In this current climate of immediate accessibility, the team at Pandora steps it up and delivers what you want, when you need it,” said Kathleen Pittman, president of Green Bottle Media LLC, a full-service media planning and buying service. “With virtually no turn-around time at all, the folks at Pandora were able to present multiple, well-thought-out solutions for a multi-market, regional client — a popular chain of burrito eateries in Texas, implement the plan seamlessly, and report promptly back to us.” The results of the campaign on Pandora generated more than three times the click through rate than any other online placement for Green Bottle Media’s fourth quarter 2009 campaign for this client.

This is a great platform that many broadcast groups would find useful. AdReady works with ESPN, Univision and The New York Times as well as Pandora.

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