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Who Needs Labels? Joe Purdy’s Online Success Story

Joe Purdy on stage @ Monto Water Rats, London

Image by ben g via Flickr

When the record labels told Joe Purdy he could have a record deal as long as he changed his sound, Purdy decided to build his fanbase online instead. Eleven albums later, you can hear all of his music on his website and buy songs for download there as well but you won’t find his music available for sale in a record store anywhere.

Purdy’s story is one of online success. No record label, indie or otherwise. No record stores selling his stuff. His distribution is completely online.

He took his music direct to his fans, and it’s worked out just fine for him thank-you-very-much. His songs have been featured on TV shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, & House, not to mention in a Kia ad that aired in the Superbowl. You can hear his music on Pandora, Rhapsody, Last.fm and other popular streaming platforms.

He writes, sings and produces all his music himself, and he’s sold lots of music  from his website, without any label. What’s more,  all his songs are available for streaming on his website for you to listen to before you decide to buy. He says he treats his career like a small business, and it seems to be working out just fine. Yep, Joe Purdy’s alive and well, with a thriving musical career online..

Kia Motors moves into Internet Radio

imeemImeem, a trendy social streaming music service, was named to AdWeek’s Top Ten Digital Hot Sites list earlier this year (see my post here ). Now they’re hot for another reason – they just announced that they’ve nabbed Kia Motors as inaugural sponsor of their mobile application for Android, Google’s mobile phone platform, with exposure across Imeem’s entire web based platform as well.

Reportedly, the ability to connect with consumers within a streaming social music experience that kia1extends to portable devices drew Kia to the sponsorship. “imeem has created a way for advertisers to live at the center of consumers’ social music experience,” said Jason Meil, executive vice president and director of Innovations at Initiative, Kia Motors’ media, marketing and digital company. “Working with imeem will enable Kia Motors to meaningfully tap into an engaged community where millions of people express themselves with music and media on a daily basis.”

kia-soulThis makes so much sense for an auto dealer that wants to reach a younger consumer, establish a hip and trendy connection, and smash the traditional auto manufacturer advertising mold. Kia will be featuring the all new Kia Soul in this advertising.

It’s apparent that Imeem got creative with packaging elements that extend the brand across mobile and web based platforms that satisfied the advertiser’s needs. No doubt, the ability to be first advertiser to fully sponsor the platform is appealing as well. Earlier this fall, Pandora announced that Becks Beer and Best Buy had signed on as ad partners for their mobile iphone platform (read about that here). Despite the poor economy, Internet radio brands and their mobile applications are attracting new ad dollars.

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