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NPR’s Latest Midas Touch

All Songs Considered

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NPR, long known as a news organization, has lately been producing some outstanding digital music offerings. The latest one is their 24/7 All Songs Considered Stream. Launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the All Songs Considered radio show. The stream offers every song they have played on the show and more.

It’s not an interactive stream, the channel simply plays the entire list of stuff aired on the show. Which makes it very simple to produce. The site shows a list of recently played songs and artists, and when I checked it out included such diverse offerings as Stephen Stills, Death Cab for Cutie, Mogwai, Beck, Andrew Bird, Buena Vista Social Club, and lots of others. You can also click to download songs from iTunes or Amazon, and connect to NPR Music pages with more info on the artists.

I love the simplicity of this channel – just a steady stream of songs that NPR guys Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton once chose to highlight on the show, all mixed up. The listening is diverse and includes live concerts, bootlegs, and shows put together around distinct themes like odd musical pairings (like the David Bowie/Bing Crosby duet) and a Led Zeppelin tribute show.

The point is these guys have been producing great audio content weekly for years, and now it’s available as a streaming channel 24/7. A nice way to re-engage listeners, gain new ones, and once again remind everyone that NPR produces lots and lots of excellent audio content that is not just about news…

Here’s that duet:

Internet Radio Stations Play More Artists Than Broadcast Stations

The number of unique artists played on Internet radio stations is more than 32 times the number of unique artists played on broadcast/terrestrial radio. According to data supplied by streamSerf, a company that monitors and reports on music played on terrestrial, Internet and satellite radio stations, last month broadcast radio stations played 25,399 unique artists (US, including public radio stations) while Internet radio stations played 829,971 unique artists in the same time period!

“There is room for a more diverse, less centralized music scene in the world today – and this is being created and facilitated by technology and internet radio.” says Paul Mockenhaupt, Founder of streamSerf. streamSerf is an important tool that enables independent artists who are marketing their music on the Internet to track their success.  “streamSerf.com is the ONLY tool available for these artists to measure their efforts, track their spins, plan their tours, validate their promotional campaigns, find stations that play [similar] music, check their royalty payments, etc.”

It’s not shocking to learn that Internet radio is more diverse. There are more choices for the listener, and more determination by the stations themselves to provide alternative music to the basic cookie-cutter formats and playlists provided on broadcast radio. It is stunning to learn that Internet radio’s list of unique artists is greater than broadcast radio’s by 3600%. (It should be noted that these stats do not even include stations that stream individualized channels, such as Pandora.)

Also interesting is the list of artists that get the most plays on broadcast stations versus Internet radio stations. While some of the top ten artists are the same on either list, others are very different:

courtesy of streamSerf

courtesy of streamSerf

According to Mockenhaupt, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He says the real story isn’t in the top 10, or even the top 1000…” it’s the new, fresh, undiscovered, local, home grown music that’s filling the internet airwaves!” Internet radio gives voice to the long tail of music, providing entry for many musicians that have never had a platform before. That, he says, is the “magic” of Internet radio…

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