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Marketron Goes Mobile

Broadcast business solution provider Marketron timed their announcement that they purchased mSnap to hit during the Radio Show last week. With all the buzz about mobile at the show, it was good thinking. Marketron, owned  by Wicks, is a powerhouse in the broadcast radio business solutions marketplace – last week separate employees of the company were telling me that their market share is 70 or 80%.

Marketron’s been focused on integrating their platform, which provides tools to broadcasters for scheduling, tracking, inventory management and billing, with other solutions providers that enable new types of inventory, including streaming and mobile. Earlier this year they announced a partnership with AndoMedia to facilitate the scheduling, delivery and billing of broadcasters’ streaming assets.

The mSnap acquisition enables companies to sell and fulfill both mobile and broadcast assets in the same single, integrated platform. This will eliminate the operational complexity of managing the sale of diverse advertising assets through multiple systems and processes.

“Mobile is one of the fastest growing advertising segments in our industry and mSnap has established itself as an innovative leader in the category,” said Mike Pallad, Executive Vice President of Sales for Citadel Broadcasting. “The acquisition of the company by Marketron, which offers a host of cross-channel solutions for media companies, will increase mSnap’s capabilities and development. We’re proud of our partnerships with Marketron and mSnap and look forward to the benefits this merger will offer our stations and advertisers.”

This is a really wise move for Marketron, one that will  benefit them and their clients as well as the industry as a whole. Tools that make it easier for broadcasters to manage their inventory will inevitably increase the value of those assets. As broadcasters adopt revenue strategies that include more and more diverse inventory sets, smart platforms like this make that inventory manageable, trackable, and therefore more valuable.

(In the interest of full disclosure, which I believe the bloggers in our industry need to be more respectful of, I have done some consulting with Marketron in the past.)

New Tools Make Business of Streaming Easier for Broadcasters

The business of streaming just got a lot easier for radio broadcasters with the announcement that AndoMedia and Marketron will integrate their platforms to enable broadcasters to more easily schedule and deliver Internet radio ads, and combine AndoMedia audience data with campaign goals to permit stations to verify delivery of campaign goals.

“The integration of Marketron Revenue Builder with Ando Media’s Ad InjectorTM platform represents a key advancement in Radio’s Internet sales efforts,” said Steve Minisini, CEO at Marketron.  “Marketron Revenue Builder delivers new top-line revenue growth to our customers by giving them a powerful sales application and critical insight into their Internet business strategies. Ando Media is a crucial player in the Internet radio world, and forging this partnership was anessential step in achieving our goals.”

Now radio stations using these two platforms will have greater insight into their streaming inventory, which will advance their ability to sell and optimize rates. Campaign management is easier, and integrated audience data adds the sophistication of being able to validate the performance of a campaign with impression based data.

Our clients are looking for ways to simplify the process,” said Ando COO Paul Krasinski.  “[this] makes things easier [and] creates a ‘total audio’ platform for our clients.”

It’s great to see sophisticated business platforms working together to provide better business management tools to the industry – this will inevitably encourage greater investment of ad dollars.

Better Digital Inventory Insight for Broadcasters

Broadcasters are selling more and more ads across multi media platforms – according to a report in Inside Radio last week, about 80% of Clear Channel’s on-air advertisers now include a digital component — streaming or otherwise — in their buys. That’s good news for the industry that needs to expand content distribution to multiple channels and learn to manage and monetize ad inventory on all of them.

Marketron, the leading provider of inventory management software for radio stations, is rolling out a new application that significantly improves radio’s ability to sell and manage comprehensive cross-media advertising campaigns. Marketron’s new Revenue Builder enables better inventory management across media platforms, which will definitely spur sales growth.

Cox Radio will install Marketron Revenue Builder across its entire group of 86 radio stations.  “Cox has a very successful digital strategy,” states Neil Johnston, CFO of Cox Media.  “Marketron Revenue Builder gives our local stations a great advantage and an opportunity to increase sales, streamline processes and provide an unlimited array of services to our advertisers.” Cox has always had a sophisticated interactive platform and approach to sales, they were one of the first groups to stream all of their stations.

Marketron Revenue Builder is a market-changing application for radio groups. Some radio organizations have done a great job selling their digital assets but are challenged by complex and labor-intensive processes at the operational level.  Revenue Builder enables stations to track and manage cross platform inventory from sales through billing in the same way they manage their broadcast business. Any radio company competing for online dollars should consider this solution.

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