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Where Agencies Are Spending Ad Dollars

Strata, a provider of software solutions for media buyers and sellers, has released results from a 3rd quarter agency survey that provides insight into media spends by agencies. Digital dollars are increasing, but TV and cable continue to see the largest dollars spent.

Cross platform advertising strategies are more common, with 47% saying they are “doing more cross-platform advertising than ever before.”

More than 80% of the agencies said they are spending more on digital than ever before. Of the digital dollars being spent, most of it is in display and search, with location based ads turning out to be not-so-important to buyers.

In terms of how the agencies are placing those digital dollars, lots of it is going into ad networks, but buyers are also turning to their traditional media contacts to place digital dollars – such as on TV, Radio or Print websites. It would appear from that info that those TV and Radio salespeople have been able to leverage their agency relationships to sell their digital assets alongside their traditional units.

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