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NPR’s Got Lots Of Listeners, Lots Of Web Traffic

By 9am on weekdays NPR‘s broadcast audience has peaked, while the online audience continues to build until mid afternoon. According to data NPR recently shared on their website, the broadcast audience peaks at 7am with about 2.3 million listeners in an average quarter hour. Two hours later that number is under 2 million and falling – while the streaming audience is ramping up.

The streaming audience peaks at about 70,000 at 2pm. Both the broadcast and streaming numbers drop for the rest of the afternoon, with the broadcast audience peaking to 2 million again at 5pm.

NPR.org’s deep online platform includes a large amount of programming from the 24 Hour Stream or archived shows like Morning Edition, NPR Newscasts, Car Talk, or NPR Music. The online number seems to indicate website traffic, and therefore counts visits to NPR’s blogs and news offerings on the site as well.

It’s very interesting data that underscores what a deep platform NPR has. By offering live and archived streamed programming and other website features, NPR is doing a nice job of expanding their brand.

Note: This post has been updated (9:50am) for better accuracy. Many thanks to Matt for his comments and insight.

Study: 35% of Public Radio Listeners Stream Weekly

techpollA recent survey of Public Radio listeners found that 35% listen to Internet radio weekly or more. That number increases to 49% of listeners to Public Radio AAA formats.  The same survey, conducted by Jacobs Media on behalf of NPR and Public Radio Programmers found that 41% of Public Radio listeners said they listen more because a station streams online, leading to a study observation that “Internet streaming is a significant activity & and plays a role in generating more listening – especially among AAA fans.”

The survey covers lots of information including demographics of Public Radio listeners by format, and their usage of newspapers, magazines, mobile devices and mp3 players, as well as their feelings about the economy. Some of the interesting conclusions made in the summary include:

  • AAA fans are younger, less “into” Public Radio exclusively & far more tech-active. They are more apt to own iPods, download podcasts, stream audio and video, text, and participate in social networking sites.

  • Interest in satellite radio is waning and it is not a threat.

  • While awareness of HD Radio is decent, adoption rates are low and so is satisfaction.

Public Radio listeners listen to podcasts as well – 54% said they had downloaded and listened to a podcast. 67% of those that had said they were either very or somewhat willing to see or hear a commercial.  

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