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Nielsen’s Move Toward “Absolute Audio Measurement”

Nielsen_Logo_(Color)Nielsen Ratings, which acquired Arbitron last month, has announced its first change to the way things were done formerly. I’m sure it will not be the last. In a pre-survey bulletin issued prior to the upcoming November ppm survey period, Nielsen told stations that they will begin crediting stations that stream a particular program and then repeat the show in a continuous streamed loop, provided the listening is done within 24 hours of the original program, and also provided that the entire program, commercials and all, remain intact.

It’s a move that both signals Nielsen’s intent to move toward more comprehensive measurement of streaming audio, while at the same time offering a lollipop to some broadcasters that worked hard to prevent Arbitron from complete and fair measurement of streaming audio services. According to Inside Radio, “It’s a rule that most typically impacts morning hosts whose shows repeat on a continuous loop online.  For instance, Clear Channel has created replay channels for syndicated hosts including Elvis Duran, Kane and Bobby Bones.” Now the host of those streams will receive credit for all the listeners to that program, whether they listen live or on-demand.

Arbitron had a tough time doing the right thing when it came to measurement of new kinds of audio, and a lot of the reason for that was the stronghold that radio broadcasters had on the company. (Read a lot more about the history of that here.)

I’m sure this is the first of many changes that Nielsen will make to its measurement of audio. Last December, right after they announced their intent to purchase Arbitron, they announced that they would begin measurement of streaming platforms such as Pandora. They echoed that again in their announcement that the deal was done. On their website, they’re calling it “absolute audio measurement.” Amen…



Internet Radio Audience Data for October

On the heels of their unpopular announcements last week regarding some changes in audience measurement practices, AndoMedia has released rankers of October listening to its universe of stations.

In its release, AndoMedia highlights the fact that for the participating stations on this ranker, there is an average 1.05 million people listening to streams during the Monday-Friday 6a-8p daypart. This is not be confused with unique audience. They also note that pure play stations (brands that are only online) saw an average of 7.2% audience growth, while broadcast streams saw 4.1% growth.

The main purpose of rankers is to compare the performance of different stations. This is difficult to do since some stations appear only on the domestic ranker (Clear Channel, Pandora), while other stations appear on both, and some appear only on the All Streams Ranker.

Pandora takes the lead on the domestic ranker as the most listened to station with close to 172,494 average active sessions, not counting their mobile listening. That beats all of CBSRadio on the domestic ranker, and all of Clear Channel on the All Streams Ranker. Katz Online, the only sales network on the ranker, has 281,000 average active sessions.

AndoMedia October 2009 Mon-Sun 61-mid All Streams

Note that neither Pandora or Clear Channel appear in the ranker above because they choose to appear only on the domestic ranker. I’m featuring this one because the domestic ranker leaves off a long list of pure play stations that did not opt out of that ranker, but cannot provide the data necessary for inclusion. Since they had no choice, but Pandora and Clear Channel do, I think using the All Streams ranker is the fairest thing for me to do. I’m still hoping for a better solution in the future….

French Company Will Measure Internet Radio

mediametrieMédiamétrie, a French media ratings company, has launched a service to measure listening to streaming and downloadable audio. Médiamétrie’s e-Stat technology will tabulate the number of podcasts downloaded, the number of sessions and the length of time spent listening to ‘catch-up’ radio, and the number of sessions and length of time audiences spent listening to Internet radio and live streamed transmissions.

The company reports that they will provide measurement for a group of European market players including Lagardere, NextRadioTV, NRJ, Radio France, RFI, RTL and online radio association SYROLThis measure will take effect beginning in September 2009, the first results will be published in October and include information on the measurements of podcasts, streaming delayed and live streaming divided by group and by station.

Médiamétrie is an research company in the business of measuring the audiences of radio, Internet, cinema, mobile phone and cross-media. Their entry into the European marketplace is good news for Internet radio. Given this is an established media measurement company, the data could be a very useful tool in helping to stimulate ad spend for Internet radio in France and other countries.

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