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iHeartradio Gets Smart

Boston based Echo Nest has announced that they will provide the intelligence behind Clear Channel’s more interactive online music platform. The Echo Nest platform maintains over 5 billion data points on over 30 million songs, including understanding of artist connections, song similarity, mood, style and detailed acoustic attributes (tempo, energy, danceability, time signature, key) to offer users a fully personalized radio feature.

Clear Channel will integrate this data system into its iHeartradio online music platform. It’s part of the big revitalization of the platform that has been in the works since Bob Pittman came to Clear Channel earlier in the year. Shortly after he arrived, Clear Channel announced a purchase of Thumbplay, a mobile streaming platform. In July, Pittman and Clear Channel announced the advent of the “new iHeartradio” complete with an enormous live concert event later this month.

So now we’re getting more details on exactly how iHeartradio will be new. Pittman has promised a more “Pandora” like experience for listeners. “Adding The Echo Nest’s data to iHeartRadio’s programming logic enables us to offer our consumers a rich, rewarding experience that scales with our massive library of over eleven million songs,” said Evan Schwartz, who is leading the development of iHeartRadio.

“Our collaboration with Clear Channel brings the most advanced music intelligence platform to iHeartRadio, enabling its fans to customize their listening experience,” said Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest. “We’re excited to work with Clear Channel to put this level of music understanding in the hands of so many music fans.”

I’ve figured that Clear Channel was looking at Echo Nest or a similar service to power their more interactive streaming service. It enables them to give listeners a lot more choice and flexibility in their listening experience, something that the success of Pandora is built on.

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