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Turntable’s Seth Goldstein

Turntable.fm’s founder Seth Goldstein is a sharp guy who’s had his hand in more than one brilliant startup. He was an original investor in  del.icio.us  which was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, he started socialmedia.com, and he’s “Entrepreneur in residence” at Fred Wilson‘s investment firm Flatiron Partners (which recently invested in Turntable.fm).

If you think that resume describes him as an insightful person with an interesting perspective, you might like this video of an interview with him at Billboard’s Future of Sound Conference.

BRSMedia Just Keeps Growing and Growing

BRS Media has launched a new platform to support its top level domain registry for .FM. The new site, Get.fm, will showcase how .FM domains are fast becoming the premier channel to deliver news, information, music, entertainment, and social media to the masses on the Internet.

Indeed, some of the Web’s most innovative online addresses are now broadcast through .FM domains. Turntable.fm and Last.fm are among a long list of well known music sites that use .FM as their domain registry. “The .FM TLD has some of the most recognizable and innovative brands in streaming and social media today,” said George Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc. “.FM is increasingly attracting premier broadcasters and media companies including Last.fm, Turntable.fm, Blip.fm, Ping.fm, Digster.fm, Shuffler.fm, Headliner.fm and thousands more; as a result, the Registry’s brand and services are now also evolving to meet the growing demand and creativity of our clientele head on.”

George Bundy is one smart guy. Early on he saw an opportunity and bought the rights to sell the .FM top level domain. Since then he has built BRS Media into a highly successful business that ranked as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the country for the 4th year in a row. In addition, BRS Media ranked in the Top 75 Media Companies, that featured prominent companies like: Pandora, FriendFinder and Demand Media.

Next year BRS Media will introduce, manage and market a new top level domain – .RADIO, having been selected by ICANN as the exclusive representative of that extension.

Give Turntable.fm A Spin

Are you familiar with turntable.fm? The latest hip streaming music startup is getting funding from Fred Wilson‘s Union Square Ventures. It’s Internet radio gone social, and it’s getting lots of buzz. Founded by Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen, both of whom have been around digital startups before, this site has a social twist that should help it build an audience.

Listeners can choose to listen in any number of “listening rooms” or create their own and invite their friends. It’s still in beta, you need to already know someone who is in (and be friends with them on facebook) to get invited. But even that seems to be part of the cache – and they already have more than 300,000 users.

Turntable.fm is the kind of site that could even be compatible with other streaming music sites. Paste Magazine recently held a listening party for  English folk-rock band Slow Club’s upcoming disc Paradise. And why couldn’t any DJ or station do the same? Host a listening party, invite your listeners, and let turntable.fm pay the royalties.

I’m intrigued by the idea that some of these emerging streaming platforms are compatible rather than competitive with other music platforms. I know a lot of folks, particularly in the broadcast industry, subscribe to the “walled garden” way – but perhaps it’s possible to use turntable.fm to extend your station’s brand and your relationship with your audience, without having to build it yourself. Maybe a place like turntable.fm is where everyone goes when they want to hang out and listen with friends.

If you have a station and give it a try, please let me know..

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