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Clear Channel Creates Contextual Ad Campaigns for Advertisers

One of the most attractive features of online advertising is its targetability. Literally millions of dollars get placed in search or contextual advertising. Now Clear Channel has announced a new scheduling enhancement that enables its stations to offer reliable, automatic ad placements based on the content demands of an advertiser.

Clear Channel says that the proprietary system has been in preliminary operation for the past year and is now available to all national advertisers. Test campaigns for major national advertisers VISA, GEICO and Wal-Mart, produced outstanding results for the advertisers. One of the campaigns sought to boost sales at Walmart for the new AC/DC album Black Ice. MediaVest and Clear Channel Radio devised a program where a Wal-Mart ad for the album would run immediately after an AC/DC song was played on a selection of 106 Rock AC and Album-Oriented Rock stations in 91 markets. If no AC/DC song was currently on the station’s playlist, the 30-second spot appeared after a song by a similar artist.

Wal-Mart moved 784,000 copies of the album during its first week in stores: the second-largest debut week for a new album to date in 2009, according to Billboard magazine.

OMD and Visa diverted television dollars to radio to fund its test of the system, and saw a 10% rise in short-term volume through VISA’s network compared to the same period the previous year. VISA ultimately singled out the campaign as a company-wide best practice.

Geico’s campaign ran spots at 15 after the hour telling listeners to spend 15 minutes to save 15%. No specifics on the lift that Geico enjoyed were given.

It’s hard, reading the press release, to understand whether there’s an actual technology in place here, or a simpler scheduling protocol that enables this approach. Either way, it’s a great idea to boost the effectiveness of an ad campaign by placing it near relevant content. This is the kind of innovation that the industry needs. Hats off to Clear Channel for leading the way.

Visa Signs Up With iheartradio

strippedClear Channel’s on demand channel “Stripped” will now be available as a full time digital radio station, offering archived programming from the company’s collection of live artist performances and interviews. The new 24/7 station is integrated into the iheartradio platform and exclusively sponsored by Visa Signature. Visa’s sponsorship also includes on-air talent endorsements, a “channel takeover” of both the iheartradio application available for iPhone and BlackBerry as well as the stripped player widget.

The station will provide a vast array of live performances, from acoustic to plugged-in, as well as the series’ signature ‘cover tunes’. Between songs, listeners will hear artists share stories ranging from their first concert as a fan to their favorite new music. More than 125 artists have performed for the stripped on-demand series since the program’s launch with John Legend in May 2005. Other participating artists include Taylor Swift, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Sugarland, Green Day, Kanye West, The Fray, Lily Allen, Bon Jovi, John Mayer, Silversun Pickups, Rascal Flatts, Leona Lewis, and many more.

iheartradio is Clear Channel’s web and mobile based streaming platform. Other channels include erockster, Pride, White House Brief, 350 streaming broadcast stations, and recently launched artist-programmed channels from Christina Aguilera, Joe Walsh and others. iheartradio has mobile apps for iPhone and Blackberry as well.

This is not the first time Clear Channel has announced a blue chip advertiser as sponsor of their streaming audio offerings. Verizon and Fox Television are among the other big brands that have signed on to sponsorships on the iheartradio platform.

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