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Turntable’s Seth Goldstein

Turntable.fm’s founder Seth Goldstein is a sharp guy who’s had his hand in more than one brilliant startup. He was an original investor in  del.icio.us  which was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, he started socialmedia.com, and he’s “Entrepreneur in residence” at Fred Wilson‘s investment firm Flatiron Partners (which recently invested in Turntable.fm).

If you think that resume describes him as an insightful person with an interesting perspective, you might like this video of an interview with him at Billboard’s Future of Sound Conference.

July Data On Internet Radio Listening

Highlighting the fact that listening to Internet radio Pureplay stations, or online only stations now represents more than 60% of domestic listening on its ranker, AndoMedia releases July data for the stations that it measures. Given that 14 of the top twenty on that ranker are broadcast companies that aggregate their station streams, and only 6 are Pureplay stations, this is a strong indication of the dominant share that online only stations have in the US streaming marketplace.

Online station Slacker debuts on the ranker, minus its mobile streaming data, at number 7 on the total week US ranker (below). That means it edges out independent online station Digitally Imported as the next highest ranked online station after Pandora. It’s important to note that Slacker was initially a mobile streaming station – they used to sell their own dedicated hardware for streaming before iPhone and other smartphones took over those capabilities. Their mobile number should be significant.

Pandora is now showing more than 3.5 times the average active sessions as the next listed station, which is CBSRadio’s network of stations, including all of their broadcast streams and AOL and Yahoo‘s online radio platforms, but does not include Last.fm. Pandora’s dominance is huge with over 250 million session starts during the month. It’s interesting to note that Slacker’s time spent listening number is double that of Pandora.

AndoMedia’s June Top 20 Reported

AndoMedia has released a new ranker for June 2010 which resolves an ongoing issue that had prevented some key online only (or pureplay) stations from being presented in their domestic ranker. Digitally Imported, 977Music, and 1.fm had previously shown up in the All Streams ranker, but due to some technical measurement issues AndoMedia was unable to report on their US only streams. This month those stations debut in the US based streams report as well, joining AccuRadio and Pandora for a total of five online stations in the listing of the top streaming stations or networks measured by AndoMedia.

Pandora, which sits prominently atop the ranker with more than three times the average number of streams per minute (AAS) than the next platform (which happens to be CBS Radio, including AOL and Yahoo’s streaming radio platforms). Thanks to Pandora, listening to online only stations exceeds listening to broadcast streams on the top twenty domestic ranker as well.

Another highlight from this monthly ranker is ESPNRadio’s number, which reflects a huge increase thanks to massive listening to streams of World Cup matches. The average number of domestic streams for that service leapt from 10,103 to 16,758.

AndoMedia June Domestic Ranker M-Su 61-12m

Pandora, CBSRadio, AccuRadio Release Early iPad Apps

If you spent the weekend in a cave you might be unaware that Apple’s new iPad hit stores on saturday and sold 700k units on day one. Some Internet radio stations got a jump on releasing their iPad streaming apps.

AccuRadio announced the release of their new app on friday afternoon, before the device even hit the stores. At the time of the AccuRadio app’s debut in the iTunes App Store on Friday afternoon, AccuRadio was one of only three U.S. webcasters that had music-focused, iPad-optimized apps available in the store, the others being Pandora and CBS.

“AccuRadio is designed for mainstream adults who don’t have the time or patience to spend a lot of time building their own radio channels,” AccuRadio Founder Kurt Hanson explained. “Consumers using AccuRadio can launch a great-sounding channel of music with just a couple of clicks of a mouse – or, in the case of the iPad, taps of their finger — and then have the optionof personalization.”

Meanwhile, CBS Interactive Music Group announced a new app called The Radio.com which provides access to CBS RADIO’s over the air, HD multicast and digital only stations, along with more than 400 stations from leading online radio providers, including 150 plus from Yahoo! Music. Features of the app include Last.fm’s “scrobbling” technology which enables listeners to personalize and share their song preferences and playlists.

Pandora’s CTO Tom Conrad describes Pandora’s iPad app as magical. In his blog post Conrad says “just tap the Pandora icon and let the music play while you read about the bands and music you discover. Pass it back and forth with a friend and share your discoveries. My hope is that it can play the same role that the album cover did when I was a kid…”

Kudos to these three Internet radio platforms for getting out in front with great apps that will feature Internet radio on the new iPad. It’s a great way for them to showcase their platforms and reach a new, highly engaged group of listeners. Along the way, they’re growing Internet radio’s audience as well…

comScore: Targetspot Has Lots of Website Traffic

Newly released data from comScore puts Internet radio rep Targetspot’s network at the top of the “Entertainment-Radio” category for the month of February. Targetspot reps all of CBSRadio’s Internet radio sites which include AOL Radio and Launchcast as well as CBSRadio’s broadcast stations’ streams. In addition, Targetspot sells streaming audio ads on Slacker, MySpace Music and GOOM Radio.

It’s no surprise that their reach is large and their rank in comScore shows that is indeed the case. A Targetspot press release touts the info, saying “the company reaches more than 64% of the Entertainment-Radio category and 14% of the total Internet audience.”

It’s good to finally have some data to quantify the extent of Targetspot’s network reach. It’s important however, to understand what this comScore data is telling us, and what it is not. This ranker measures the number of persons that visit a website, not the number of listeners to a stream. The “Entertainment-Radio” category compares networks with websites in that category, and tracks traffic to those websites. comScore’s data is a useful tool for selling website impressions such as display banners.

So while it is good information, it’s data that is not about the number of listeners that a station has, and it’s information that is difficult to use to sell or purchase audio ads. It’s not as good as it would be if we could finally see the Targetspot network measured in AndoMedia’s Webcast Metrics report – which is a report that contains data about listeners to streams rather than visitors to websites.

This is Targetspot’s first inclusion in the report, which also measures Clear Channel Online, Pandora, Westwood One, and ReplaceAds’ network. Targetspot aggregates more than 29 million unique site visitors within its network.

The following chart shows the adjusted comScore data from the top five companies in the Entertainment-Radio expanded category report ranked by largest audience:

                                                       Total Unique     %
Rank                        Name                       Visitors (000)  Reach
-----  ----------------------------------------------  --------------  -----
1      TargetSpot - Adjusted Reach*                    29,452          64%
2      WestWood One Partner Sites -potential reach     27,430          59%
3      ReplaceAds - potential reach                    18,638          40%
4      PANDORA.com                                     12,556          27%
5      Clear Channel Online                            9,164           20%
       * Based on adjusted numbers released by
       comScore on 3/10/10

MySpace Music, Targetspot Selling Audio Ads

MySpace Music will run instream audio ads sold by national Internet radio sales company Targetspot. According to reports, the audio ads began running last week for advertisers like Turbo Tax and Office Depot. The ads are inserted after a listener hears one song, and can be followed by a complete album or up to 100 songs on a playlist without another interruption.

Targetspot has announced that this is an exclusive deal that adds MySpace Music’s audience to a network that includes AOL, CBS, Yahoo!, Slacker and Live 365.

Since MySpace Music’s  launch in September 2008, unique visitors to the music.myspace.com subdomain have increased 190 percent — growing from 4.2 million unique visitors to 12.1 million in June 2009. Year-over-year traffic to the URL has increased 1,017 percent. Since June, MySpace acquired social music site iLike, and later added imeem to its platform as well. MySpace Music was an announced key partner in Google Music’s music discovery platform.

This is great news for CBS backed Targetspot, and for the Internet radio industry. Last fall Pandora announced that they were beginning to air instream audio ads. It’s important for the development of a successful business model for Internet radio that key platforms like Pandora and MySpace Music contribute to creating that business model by running audio ads and creating more and better opportunities for advertisers on their platforms.

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