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Study: More Youth Listen to Pandora than all other Internet streams combined

There was a lot of great content at the Radio Show produced by RAB and NAB last week in DC, not the least of which was the sold out RAIN Summit which took place the afternoon before the Radio Show actually started, as an official partner event of the show. You can read RAIN’s coverage of the event here.

One excellent presentation during the Radio Show was Edison Research‘s American Youth Study 2010, which is “a significant survey of the media and technology habits of America’s 12-24 year-olds, and represents a sequel to a study originally conducted by Edison in 2000.” Sponsored by publication Radio-Info, the study looks at the media use behaviors of 12-24 year olds, and updates the behaviors of the demographic originally studied in 2000 – 22-34 year olds.

Some of the findings, bulleted:

  • Radio continues to be the medium most often used for music discovery, with 51% of 12-24 year-olds reporting that they “frequently” find out about new music by listening to the radio. Other significant sources include friends (46%), YouTube (31%) and social networking sites (16%).
  • 20% of 12-24s have listened to Pandora in the last month, with 13% indicating usage in the past week. By comparison, 6% of 12-24s indicated they have listened to online streams from terrestrial AM/FM stations in the past week.
  • More than four in five 12-24s own a mobile phone in 2010 (up from only 29% in 2000). 40% have used their phones to listen to music stored on their phones.

The American Youth Study 2010 by Edison Research

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